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Here it is – a  FREE  app that gives you access to ALL the Triangle Real Estate Listings. Not stale zillow & Realtor.com

It’s Important to Note, This Is Not My App, it’s from the Triangle MLS

Click here to download and freely look at EVERYTHING, whether you’re buying, selling, or just Buy Curious. It does not track you and I won’t see anything you are looking at. It offers total autonomy. 

The first screen you see will ask you to identify yourself with a phone number.


After you download and sign into the app, open it. It will geographically locate where you are and show you any and all houses that are currently on the market. Dump Zillow and REALTOR.com

Are you aware that REALTOR.com is not owned by the REALTORS

Click on any sign, and everything on the market around where you are appears with brief specifics.

Click it again and ALL
the info on this property

Again No info from you is tracked or recorded.

You now have ALL the info in the Triangle MLS.

I’ve been pushing for this for the consumer for the last 25 years of my 46 year Real Estate Career.

  • It’s NOT about ‘the company’.
  • It’s definitely NOT about ‘the agent’!
  • It’s NOT about ‘the property’.

                    IT’S ALL & ONLY ABOUT YOU!   

We’ve represented hundreds of happy buyers and sellers, plus coaching and mentoring the top agents here and all over the US, I know that YOU, the consumer, only need knowledge, attention, guidance, and support. Not fast talk, memorized sales pitches, & techniques.

Bishop (my wife and working partner for over 37 years) and I are in it for you with open, transparent attention and knowledge. We provide the highest integrity, confidential advice, detailed service, and RESULTS for all your real estate investments.

We Know Unique Properties & How to value them.

Marketing, I wrote the book on it, Dog Eat Dog & Vice Versa; 9 Secrets To Put The Bite Into Your Marketing. 

 Marketing has all changed at the beginning of 2017! 

We won’t just tell you, we’ll show you.      



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