Not the Same Ol’CRAP Continue Reacting According to the Past

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Not the Same Ol’CRAP Continue Reacting According to the Past

Not the Same Ole   

Continue Reacting According to the Past


You cannot change a habit – You can only replace it with something else.


Our habit is to judge, tell, project, and sell – because that’s what we’ve been told, taught, shown, modeled, manipulated, and sold!

Review the Power of Non-Selling

To progress from HABIT to Purchase (change), any consumer must go through the EMOTIONAL state.



What is RAPPORT?

Are you aware when you have rapport?

Are you aware when you don’t have rapport?

Which one do you know FIRST?


Rapport happens in a state of COMFORT.

You can’t ask someone to tell you their WHY if you don’t have RAPPORT.

We seek comfort our whole lives. Our brain scans at 8,100 bits per nanosecond looking for others like us.

The only thing we know about others is what we know, see, or hear of ourselves. Plus what they have told us.

It is of nurture and nature that we all seek ‘Like Mindedness’. When we find it, it’s called RAPPORT.

We are constantly in the quest of comfort (like me) verses discomfort (unlike me).

We all have met someone and felt immediate ‘like’, this is instant rapport, proving that “Rapport Happens”.

People Buy in a Zone of Comfort

ROSSI Speaks reserves all rights to the above phrase.


NOT THEIR JOB to get into your COMFORT ZONE.

IT’S YOUR JOB to get into their COMFORT ZONE

Stepping into the Comfort Zone of others is as simple as…

Reflect or Mirror

Have you ever attempted to feed a baby with a spoon and not opened YOUR mouth?

To reflect or mirror is easy because we automatically do this with friends and family.

And they do it with you.

When it happens or is made to happen – it becomes part of a Comfort Zone.

To further identify if you are mirroring them, comfortably do something they would do, only do it first. If they follow, you have rapport.

Pace or Speed

Everyone at anytime has a speed of operation.

When you Mirror or Reflect their Speed – it becomes part of a Comfort Zone.

To further identify if you have their correct speed, simply increase or decrease yours and, if they follow, you have rapport.

Lead or Direct

When others cannot distinguish if you are directing them or they are directing you, you have rapport.

The Power of Non-Selling

You must have rapport to create a Comfort Zone.

All Buying and Selling Happens in a Zone of Comfort.

When People can tell you their WHY, they Buy.

When RAPPORT happens – a new Center is Created.


Regardless what technologies you employ, prospects you contact, classes you attend, certifications you have, if you can build lasting rapport with others, your career in sales shall be TRIUMPHANT!

Rossi, REALTOR Emirates, list and sells real estate with his wife and partner of 42 years.  




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