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Life Lessons – Don’t put CRAP in your computer

Impossible to Multitask 

tooth_with_brushEDUTAINER? ROSSI IS!

Globally there are more Smartphones in service than toothbrushes!




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We all are Winners. However, a Whiner and a Wiener resides within us as well.


“In their hearts all members of

our tribe know this truth: the only

way to help yourself is to help others.”

Evolutionary Process Video


As it applies to the Real Estate Business

The Product

Real Estate
RE Consumer

ALL OF THE ABOVE APPLY TO YOUR MEMBERS “Memories can be wonderful or powerful, but a wise warrior does not store them in the future.”

Data is NOT the new oil  Data is the NEW GOLD The Complex Real Estate Market

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Evolution of the Real Estate Business

Let’s Go Around The Room… by Seth Godin – A great essay on why round robin meetings don’t work.

1.    “I WILL” POWER  We use this to do the tough things that accomplish our goals.  We use it to exercise, organize our desks, and pick up the phone to dial another prospect.

2.    “I WON’T” POWER  This is the power we use to resist the various temptations in our lives. We call upon this to resist the burger and fries on the lunch menu, our true feelings about rude clients, and daily distractions that keep us from prospecting.

3.    “I WANT” POWER  This is the most important type of willpower. It’s the part of the brain that remembers our long-term goals, dreams and desires—what we really want. You may have experienced this type of willpower when you were inspired by a great speech or leader, or when you found extra motivation to meet a seemingly impossible sales goal.

Consumer Engagement Cycle

Study: Millennials Are The True Entrepreneur Generation 

Mompreneurs or Mom Squad

Why Entrepreneurs Need Adversity Malcolm Gladwell

What is Perfectionism? 

Of Course It’s Been Done Before by Seth Godin

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Now Mood Lighting for the normal guy!

Screenshot 2014-09-30 15.04.55   You’ll Laugh, but cool click photo for video


 ROSSI’s Video on Selling the Authentic Self

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Click photo for Rossi’s Video Review of To Sell is Human Click HERE for a readers’ review of ROSSI’s book

 Evolution of the Real Estate Business Video 

Rossi Speaks Listen

The Consumer DEMANDS a GREAT Listener Click Photo for a 3.5 minute video Share it with your SPOUSE, CHILDREN, AGENTS, IN-LAWS, EVERYONE!


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If you're not happy with what you got
You’ll not be happy with more

You are NOT too Empathic Video  How the Real Estate Industry Evolved Video[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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