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Are YOU the Real Estate Point of Contact in Your Locally Defined Areas

Are YOU the Real Estate Point of Contact in Your Locally Defined Areas

AdWerx logoBishop and I had the pleasure to spend some time with Jed Carlson, co-owner and creator of ReverbNation. For those of you who don’t know it, it’s the fastest growing Internet company in the Research Triangle currently home to over 3.29 million musicians, venues, labels, and music industry professionals. And they were now making a Real Estate Play. Needless to say I was interested. He carefully detailed the how and why his new company, AdWerx, successfully markets real estate agents.

AdWerx has exploded their personal customer count by using the same system they are offering us. Do you know how unusual that is? All too often, vendors call me to tell me the great system they have for achieving market dominance. I ask how they are achieving market dominance and they reply with everything except what they are selling me. That’s right, they model the behavior of success to achieve success.

On top of this, AdWerx fits all the Secrets I set out in Dog Eat Dog & Vice Versa. It’s EFFICACIOUS, EASY to use, and INEXPENSIVE! With as little as $48 per month (after the ROSSI promo code discount), your online ad will follow suspects, from the zip code of your choice, around the net as they browse the web! The method of marketing that Amazon, Zappos, and other big companies use and spend big bucks on.

And remember what I said about, “Your Website is a Billboard in the Middle of Nowhere to Which YOU Drive Traffic!” Well, AdWerx does exactly that!

Jed gave me the best analogy. He said that with information available to everyone, the Internet has become one Giant Real Estate Mall! When agents advertise with Google, Zillow,, and Trulia, they are advertising in that Mall. They put up a sign that reads, “We’re #1 and you can find us on level 2, wing B, store 2021.”

This type of advertising is not a bad thing. However, it’s very expensive and not very effective. The mall is crowded with competition pulling on everyone’s sleeve for attention all saying the same thing, “We’re the best. We’re professional. We give personal attention.” Oh STOP IT!

AdWerx’ compelling point of difference is that they don’t leave you in the Mall. Instead, they put you (your ad) on the road to the mall then stick you to their side keeping you top of mind.

So my advice to all of my real estate clients is not to hesitate while your competitors buy your zip codes.

If you’ve not watched the above video, do so now.

Now go to the AdWerx website  Then click on Promote Your Brand.

(enter promo code ROSSI for 5% discount)

It’s here that you enter your name, city, and the zip code you desire to dominate. When you’re ready to purchase, put ROSSI in the promo code box for your 5% discount

HAPPY Marketing!

If you work with one of these leading world companies – click your logo for your special.

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See more at AdWerx an Efficacious Way To Spend Marketing Dollar$ interview with Jed Carlson, CEO AdWerx


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  1. I love the Adwerx concept, its mobile capabilities and its price point. But, I have to tell you, I’m a real estate broker who is an early adapter to new technologies but an early discarder of empty tech promises. Today as I write I’ve experienced 31,000 ad views and 18 clicks on my ad with Adwerx. This is after 70 days of ads running. This brings my per click cost to around $5.50 which is very expensive. The click throughs have visited my site but none have searched for properties. I’ve had the Adwerx folks (very helpful folks I must say) analyze both my ad and my landing page and they feel I’m on target. Overall, it doesn’t cost much because, frankly, it doesn’t DO much. Sorry.

  2. Dennis, Excellent comments. Thanks so much. I’m afraid I too thought it would generate tons of leads. Now that I have about 50 of my clients using AdWerx I see an even stronger value. What’s stronger than leads you may ask? Well my experience with leads is that you must nurse them from 6 to 18 months. This takes time and effort. Many of my clients have staff who are paid just to stay on top of leads. And yes they often, with patience, end in income. The problem most agents are so busy maintaing their own personal database and customers that they lose patience with ‘leads’.

    In walks AdWerx. Adwerx replaces bus benches, grocery cart, career apparel, flyers, handing out business cards, magnetic car signs, billboards, real estate books, classified advertising, and yard signs. Yes it’s ‘Top of Mind’ advertising. A method to get into the minds of consumers in a specifically targeted area. And it works based on familiarity. You, through AdWerx become name known. IMHO

    Keep Smiling

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