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REAL ESTATE Yard Signs Become Live! With iBeacon®


REAL ESTATE Yard Signs Become Live! With iBeacon®

Forget QR Codes, 800 Numbers, Short Codes. With the introduction of Apples® iBeacon®, the ‘Real Estate Drive-By’ becomes a maybe ‘Drive-Buy’. For years now, real estate companies have been printing 800 numbers, QR Codes, and Short Codes on yard signs to get property information quickly to drive-by lookers.

The success of these applications has been marginal at best. The problem is the ‘suspect purchaser’ has to do something like Dial a phone, get out of the car, turn on your QR scanner, and trigger the action.

But that’s all ‘Old School’ now with Apples® latest Bluetooth technology apparatus iBeacon®. All they have to do is slow down, as if to look, and their iPhone will ring with a previously record info message.

Read more about iBeacon® in this Washington Post Article 

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