This RSA Short from Daniel Pink is wonderful. It capsulized “To Sell Is Human” in less than 3 minutes and will motivate YOU to buy the book. My main compliment on a brief meeting of Daniel Pink at a reading and book signing is; “Congruent”, that’s the highest compliment I can give.

Daniel Pink and his book, To Sell is Human, was a welcome read. For me it is the validation of my lifetime of selling and teaching sales. It’s a culmination of all I am currently presenting in The Power of Non-Selling and Creating a Compelling Consumer Experience. Pink also believes that everyone’s a salesman and that the days of memorized dialog, canned pitches, and 13 closing techniques to gain fame and fortune are history. Instead today’s sales are wrapped in building a comfort zone, needs identification, and satisfaction.

To Sell is Human is full of insight, well-researched facts, and efficacious actions based on ABC’s – Attunement, Buoyancy, & Clarity.

Thank you Daniel for this moving book.


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