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Real Estate as a Career is Dead

Wow, every day we hear about new ways to buy or sell real estate. When Zillow and (not owned by the National Association of REALTORS) hit the scene in the early 2000’s the general public has been a buzz about the changing real estate business.

Bobbi and I believe that there is always room for change and competition, and we’re not worried. However some people just love to see the negative and point out every new scheme that appears in the news, online, or at their door.

When I started in the 1971 ‘the threat’ was For Sale by Owner’s. FSBO’s are an interregnal part of the business. If someone wants to sell it his or her self there is nothing wrong with that.

In 1976 Bobbi and I owned a small company and ‘the threat’ was National Franchises. In 1978 we sold our company and where Bobbi was hired as Operational Director, and I as VP of Sales for Nationally Franchised real estate company in Albuquerque. This time ‘the threat’ was 100% Companies, that is companies were the agent paid a monthly fee and received all the commission.

In the early 80’s we took over management of the oldest company in Albuquerque that had recently affiliated, ERA. We now were “the threat”, with the “If we don’t sell your home, we’ll buy it.” Yes that concept has been around forever. As you can probably imagine it’s weighted on the brokerage side, as nothings free.

In 1986 I was hired by Don Walston, of Howard Perry & Walston here in Raleigh, as training director. I had been teaching the ‘people part’ of real estate all over the US for NAR’s educational arm, the Residential Sales Counsel, a highly touted Certification program. Don wanted to build his company on training.

This was the beginning years of ‘Real Estate Technology’ as a ‘threat!’ Actually technology came into real estate in the late 70’, printing a computer-generated book of listings, which could be searched using a dial up modem. Hazah!

By the late 90’s the President of the NAR said, “The Lion is Appearing Over the Hill” pointing out that technology may take over the real estate business. 2.7 Million REALTORS shivered in fear that the business was dead.

20 Years later and every week we hear of another threat and there is a reason. Real estate is a difficult job with thousands of touch points. Agents put in hundreds of hours in follow-up and computer work into each transaction. Here is a schematic.

Real Estate is the most expensive thing most of will ever buy. Why wouldn’t everyone want in on the money? Why wouldn’t every entrepreneur look at the thousand touch points and say, “I’ve got a better way. Pay me!”

Most of these new ideas are not bad, or wrong, or something you should not consider, as there is room in the real estate business for all of them.

Bobbi and I love real estate. We are proud to be a REALTORS because outside of the Medical, Legal, or Engineering profession we are governed by a Code of Ethics and have been for over a 100 years. We believe that real estate is not only about property it’s about people. So choose a REALTOR that you’re comfortable with, that can communicate their process and goals. You want one that is positive, not Rah Rah. Open to new and different. Lastly you want a GREAT listener, as you need to be heard.

Bobbi and I would love to share are knowledge, skills, and abilities with you.

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