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  • The Art of #StorySelling April 11, 2017 - History is simply the recall and telling of the past, is always more interesting and exciting when conveyed in story format. For years we’ve gathered around the home fires and campfires to listen to the storytellers spin tales of experiences and voyages to places of intrigue, mystery, and wonder. Now discover #StorySelling, the innovative manner Read More
  • 4 Habits That Keep Your Marriage Loving, Fresh, & Alive! March 9, 2017 - I, am a self proclaimed Marital expert. Why? Because I've been married twice before and once happily forever after. Caveat, we, don't believe perfection exists. Seek excellence not perfection. The Bishop and I have been blissfully married for over 36 years, first living together for 4 years. That's a TOTAL of 40 Years! Do I Read More
  • Confessions of an Adrenaline Junkie March 8, 2017 - The quest for happiness, wellness, and quality of life is about choices, the right choices to keep life moving forward in a healthy and fulfilling manner. When one is committed to, and sticks with, positive choices, stress can be diminished. One can be secure in the knowledge that the very nature of our existence improves Read More
  • Buy A Doz. Roses -ok, Make a Rose Before Her Eyes! – WOW February 12, 2017 - LEARN TO MAKE A BEAUTIFUL ROSE - Video
  • Why We Lie January 9, 2017 - I teach a class in Ethics and found unethical practices often run parallel with lying. We all know that people lie, but why? In my quest to uncover an answer, I found it rooted in three distinct behaviors: Ethical Behavior, Moral Behavior, and Pragmatic Behavior. It’s a sin to lie. Faith and values based, starting Read More
  • WHY Choose Real Estate as a Profession December 4, 2016 - This is a question that I have asked thousands of real estate professionals over forty years of mentoring agents and brokers, and speaking for associations, conventions, and companies.   The Top 3 Answers Are Money: Stated many different ways; such as, "To earn big bucks", "To learn about real estate so I could invest." "To buy a house, send Read More

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