It all begins one beautiful April 11th, 2016 morning

8:30 a.m. we packed the truck and took off for Mia Ekenbarger’s Excellent Adventure

My Birthday Gift from Papa and Bahee was a trip to the American Girl Store in Charlotte, NC. We had to wait awhile to go so I could recoup after my scoleosis surgery. Dr. Hey did a great job, I’m surprised it’s been under 3 weeks and I feel awesome!

Am Girl Trip 01 Am Girl Trip 02
All Smiles & lots of Origami Paper
Smooth Roads, One Pit Stop and South Park Mall here we are!

Am Girl Trip 03 Am Girl Trip 04 Am Girl Trip 05 Am Girl Trip 06
What an exciting time. Here we go in the store Bahee, Molly, Kera, & I!
Am Girl Trip 07 Am Girl Trip 08 Am Girl Trip 09




Ready Set Shop – So much to see
& we  have so much time to see it all.


Am Girl Trip 10




Awesome! Look at the time! We have a 12:30
reservation for a Birthday Luncheon Celebration
in the American Girl Bistro. Come on girls, let’s
go! I can’t wait!


Am Girl Trip 11 Am Girl Trip 12
Look, they have chairs and party hats for the girls.
Molly and Kera are so excited. This is our first time
here & we get a party!

Am Girl Trip 13

I’m having Mac & Cheese with Chicken Tenders & Pink Lemonade.

Kera and Molly are having a cup of lemonade also. Bahee’s having a Burger and Papa’s having Rigatoni with Meat Sauce & Pink Lemonade for everyone!

They just told us to get ready for Cake and Ice Cream! What a great party!


Am Girl Trip 14 Am Girl Trip 15 Am Girl Trip 16 Am Girl Trip 17
YUM! A Chocolate & Vanilla Cake & Great Vanilla Ice Cream – Now I
promised the girls they could get their hair done.

Am Girl Trip 19 Am Girl Trip 19a

Am Girl Trip 20 Am Girl Trip 21
What a beautiful new style & I got some great hair tips.
Everyone here was so nice. The girls and I will never forget
our day at the American Girl store!

Am Girl Trip 22 Am Girl Trip 22a Am Girl Trip 22b
I feel like my late Eleventh Birthday celebration
was a Dream!

Am Girl Trip 23
Let’s go prop our feet up!
Am Girl Trip 26 Am Girl Trip 27
A big THANK YOU to Mom, Papa, Bahee for the trip, & the great gift from Uncle Jim!
Am Girl Trip 28

The next morning I started with a “nutritious” breakfast of
waffles covered in chocolate & strawberries in
chocolate & Pink Grapefruit Juice. Mmmmm!

The FUN Never Ends!

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