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NO! These are statistics, which can be the results of Big Data                                
Times x Times x Times x Times




This is what we, the Real Estate Professional, Do Everyday – over 100 Data Collection Points in every Transaction


He said he stole it.



  Market Valuation
May 2017 – 2 Billion
Sept 2017 – 8 Billion

The Top 8 National Real Estate
Companies Added Together
        Do Not Equal 8 Billion                  

Let us not forget
News Corp owned by Rupert Murdoc

               7.7 Billion                     

Has also recently purchased REESIO – REA – iProperty –
& Digital Real Estate Business DIAKRIT


Look what #BIGDATA has already done

They own zero properties, have few employees, yet they are the largest accommodation host in 191 countries.
500,000 stays per night!

They own No Cars, have Few Employees, and yet they are the largest Transportation Network in the world.

Uber co-founder launches new real estate venture for Expa called Haus


Imagine Uber working directly with owners/sellers. A buyer finds a house they want to see on the Net and requests an Uber Showing. A driverless Uber picks them up and takes them to the house. Buyer and Seller negotiate, pull up a lawyer app on their handheld, execute the contract, send it to the mortgage lender where they have prequalified and close in 8 days (so they say).


Cars off the assembly line 2018

Cameras and sensors work together to keep the driver aware of the surroundings and help the vehicle avoid collisions. Connectivity is also a priority, both between the vehicle and your smart devices, but also helping passengers connect with the world.


So you can see why the UBER-ization of Real Estate is REAL




Why did Tesla open its patents? Because INFORMATION IS FREE – We REALTORS must be cautious about hoarding information. By opening his patents, Elon Musk excellerated the evolution of electric cars, as shown above.

It’s the same reason IBM offers the use of Watson, the world’s more powerful computer ,to others. Why? DATA, they want the DATA. Just look what they’ve done for Lawyers. Watson now has the ability to read a MILLION BOOKS A MINUTE.


Health – Your Smartphone will send info to your Doctor.

By the time a child born in 2012 is 30 years old, his medical data alone will fill the Library of Congress.



You know that’s true – you’re wearing a Smart Bit NOW!

60 MINUTES did a great presentation on the Medical applications of BigData using IBM’s Watson 


And we haven’t even talked about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and Algorithms that can identify which house will come on the market next. Closing on a new loan in 8 days and processing a complete closing in 4 days start to finish. We are in Exponential Times where life really moves at the speed of Thought.

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