Tree Cutter vs. Certified Arborist

We’ve been worried about two huge oaks in our front yard for a couple of years. They were too close to the house, and now the limbs were touching the roof thus creating a super highway for bugs, plus, possible wind and root damage. Sadly the only solution seemed to cut them down.

We contacted a […]

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The Collection of Julian Nall

I met Mr. Julian Nall in Winchester, TN in June of 2015 while visiting the Nuckolls’ family on beautiful Tims Ford Lake. Mr. Nall and his daughter stopped by for a visit.

He lived and worked in Washington DC until his retirement when he moved to TN. He told wonderful stories of serving on the USS […]

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Self Talk – Is Yours Positive or Negative?

Self Talk is constantly feeding your subconscious with voices both external (past and present voices of parents, teachers, clergy, and friends both experiential and experimental) and internal (that which you say to yourself) at 8,100 bits per nano second with the 9oo Billion Neurons in your body. As I’ve discussed in Omnitasking, you cannot not […]

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Six Qualities of Great Online Communities – from Vala Afshar


Six Qualities of Great Online Communities

by Vala Afshar, Chief Marketing Officer at Extreme Networks
on Aug 13, 2014

Six Qualities of Great Online Communities from Vala Afshar

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33 Productivity Tips, in 140 Characters or Less from Ethos3 | Presentation Design and Training

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Amazing Internet in REAL Time

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A Day on the Internet – Uberflip

And UBERFLIP creation
Everything you want to know about the Internet right NOW.

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Women Control Social Media – Fact not Fiction

As Created for FinancesOnline.com – Excellent Infographic

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Everyday Psychology You Should Know

from http://www.health-science-degree.com/everyday-psychology/ Thanks

1. Sex, danger, and food are meant to draw your attention

Your brain is hardwired to stay safe, reproduce, and eat as a means of survival. Everything else is secondary.

2. Just because you haven’t doesn’t mean you can’t
You have a mental model for just about everything. This allows you to use past experience and […]

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ROSSI’s Whiteboard (example)

Call Rossi Today if you’re interested in hiring him for a Keynote or Presentation for your Company, Association, or Board, and he is also available for one on one mentoring. Or perhaps you would just like him to do a marketing piece for you.
919-846-6333 or Rossi@RossiSpeaks.com ALL THE BELOW ARE VIDEOS
NOCBOR Thanks 1:55 

Thanks Travis 0:53 a […]

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