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Just a few Auto Memories                             

1948 Packard Woody Waggon I purchased in 1971 for $325 from the original owner, it had 61,230 miles on the straight eight. The interior was called Morocco Hyde, and there was a vacuum button on the floor that would change the radio station. All the exterior and interior wood was perfect. Originally   a dark green, but the owner felt Albuquerque was to hot for that color so he had it repainted, Desert Sand, in 1950 at the dealership. I sold the car in 1973 to a Chrysler Dealer in Little Rock, Arkansas, who caught me on the freeway and had me pull over. He told me his dad had the same car when it was new and he wanted to buy mine. We settled on $3,000 and thought I had cut a fat hog.

Bishop and I played cars for years. This was in 1976 in front of our house on Monte Alto in Albuquerque. I was particularly fond of the 67 Cadillac Eldorado Coup. The Eldorado Convertible was a beast. If carefully you could get 9 mpg!


Bishop and her 1971 Toronado with Custom Landau Top . What a Hottie – she was a tad pissed when I rear ended a pickup and totaled it. She loved that car because it had air conditioning that would frost the windows and Cloth Seats that didn’t get hot in the sun. 

I had the 67 Toronado with Red Leather Interior (not pictured). What a car


4 Door Lincoln Convertible on a lot we owned on the edge of the Sandia’s. Yes that’s me with hair.

After polishing this beauty I got to drive it to a show. It was titled 1934 but made for the 1933 Chicago Worlds Fair. Can you imagine how much it cost in the depression for a V16 custom body Cadillac!

In yellow is a 1933 Duesenberg Model SJ Super Charged Roadster that belonged to Fred Duesenberg. I got to drive this car from Albuquerque to Santa Fe, with the factory cut out open and the siren. Every nut & bolt meticulously restored to 100 points. 

In red is a 1933 Mercedes SSK Roadster, the Pride of Deutschland, no chrome here, it’s all German Nickel Silver.

Beautiful XK 150

Another XK I believe a 120                                                   

Same year, both V12, one Coup one Convertible

1939 Custom Darrin Body V12 Convertible – An amazing automobile.

1966 Ferrari Daytona Coup 2nd owner original paint 

Original Paint Gullwing Mercedes –                                            


This is the 1933 Dietrich Body 745 Packard Dual Cowel Packard. Designed by my friend until his death Ray Dietrich whom I’ve wrote extensively about. Read More

This car was designed and built for Al Jolson, star of the first talking picture, The Jazz Singer. It was owned for many years by a dear friend in Albuquerque.

Christmas day 1972. I was proudly ridding in the back seat behind the second windscreen, a cold sun shinny day and the top was down. We were motoring from Corrales, where I had forgotten the desert, down the winding roads to his NW Valley home for the party. And get this; Ray Dietrich (the cars original designer) was ridding tall in the front passenger seat,

It was freezing cold, so I sat the Nesselrode Pie down to warm my hands. Bob called out, “Don’t spill the Nesselrode Pie!” I looked down as the not yet congealed pie was pouring over the beautiful blue leather hides. Oh My God! I screamed! Bob quickly put the car into a four wheel drift into a convenience store and we all dove out to buy paper towels!

Now you’ve heard the rest of the story of “A Christmas never to be forgotten!”

This car recently sold for an UNBELIEVABLE amount of money!

1948 Bentley Coup Blue Black with Green Hides, note the power windows. The sculpting form of the right rear quarter panel is amazing design craftsmanship. This is one of my all time favorite cars!