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Everyone talks about change but only ROSSI changes the talk – ROSSI, Globally Recognized ‘Edutainer’, does his Key Note Presentations with Future Paced, Speed Learning.

·      Master Neuro Linguistics Practitioner

·      Author of ‘best selling’ Dog Eat Dog & Vice Versa – 9 Secrets To Put The Bite In Your Marketing

·      Emotional Intelligence Architect 

·      Organizational Enactment Specialist

·      Psychometrics/Psychographics Trend Predictor  

His Echo-Listening and Augmentor style cuts through stoic rhetoric to bring awareness and build client success.

“I’m never satisfied with what is… I continually update everything at the speed of information because change is the only thing in life that’s constant.”

What’s in it for YOU? He is! People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it.

Current Presentations:  

  • BlockChain; A Real Estate Recreation

·      Real Estate IS Big Data

·      Life is a Collaborative Effort

·      Existing Normalized Big Data Use

·      Compelling Consumer Experience

·      Consumer Evolution

·      Ethics Energy & Efficacious Behavior

·      Humanity of Sales

·      Creating the Emotional Video

·      Improvisational Customer Service

Rossi, REALTOR Emeritus, lists and sells real estate in Raleigh, NC with “The Bishop”, his wife of 41 years.